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  • These are overachievers in the foot peel game! I started peeling on day 2. The balls of my feet were the first to start. The tops of my feet had that tight, scaly look for a day before any actual peeling began there. It is gross, yet very satisfying! Wear socks to bed after using these! I didn’t one night and ended up washing my bedding due to the tiny flecks of dry skin all over my sheets. Yuck!!!
    - Peter, California
  • My feel are soft since I gave this a try I noticed that you must soak your feet every day after putting the mask ok for faster peeling results
    - Sharon, Australia
  • This product was great! It started working about three days after applying and within a week - no more callouses! The only thing to keep in mind is that because the booties fit around your whole foot and ankle, your skin will peel in those areas as well. Also, make sure you moisturize because it causes itchiness and dryness. I did soak my feet during the treatment and it seemed to help the process along.
    - James, Sydney
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